Please Note:  This page has been changed.

You now have an option to print the scorecard in either balck and white or in color.  

There are page tabs at the bottom of the scorecard.  The tabs are creatively named "black and white" and "colro Version".

After doing step 1 below, click on the tab you wish to use.

This is a brand new page that will allow you to preprint a scorecard for your match.  Holes where strokes are being given are shown in relation to the golfer on the top line.  If the top line golfer is getting strokes it will be a positive number.  If the top line golfer is giving strokes it will be a negative number.

In order to print a scorecard you must follow these steps and obey one simple rule.  The simple rule is YOU CAN ONLY USE THE PULL DOWN MENUS TO CHANGE THE GOLFERS NAMES.  IF YOU CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WILL SCREW UP THE SPREADSHEET FOR EVERYONE.  I'm not sure that that is clear, but in google sheets if I share the spreadsheet I cannot protect the equations used simultaneously.

The steps are:

1:  If you open this page and put the cursor on the scorecard you will see a grey box with an arrow in the upper right hand corner.  Click on that box to open a spreadsheet in google sheets.  Verify that the Tuesday date in the upper left hand corner of the scorecard is correct.  If the date is for the previousTuesday it indicates that the web page and handicaps have not yet been updated.

2:  Give it a few seconds and the pull down menus will appear in the golfer name box.  At the bottom select the tab you wish use when printing, either "black and white" or "color version".   Then use the pull down menu to change the golfer name.  Please do not attempt to adjust the handicap, it will update automatically when you change the golfer name.  Subs are at the bottom of the list.

3:  In the upper left hand corner of the google sheeet click on file and scroll down to print.  It will print the selected version of the document in a landscape format.  

4: Once you have printed the scorecard you can simply close the window.

You're Welcome!