The Hole in One Page

I have absolutely no information on when or where Cindy Powell carded the first ace in the history of the Verizon Golf League. Cindy was not playing when I joined in the early 1980's so I never got a chance to congratulate her.

I'm not even certain which course the league was playing at the time.

On Tuesday evening July 12th 2016 on the 3rd hole of the 5 Ponds Golf Course, John Himes mistakenly hit his tee shot directly into the hole resulting in a score of 1 for that particular hole.

This is the first Hole in One in league play as long as I've been a member and that has been about 40 years. At least it seems like 40 years. Perhaps it just seems long because I always seem to be stuck behind a slow foursome.

Ralph says that Cindy Powell had a hole in one in league play but he might be the only one in the league that even remembers Cindy Powell.

Anyway we all want to congratulate John on this remarkable achievement.

On Tuesday evening August 16th 2022, on the 17th hole of the 5 Ponds Golf Course, Fred Evans teed off looking directly into the sun as we all do on the 17th hole. Fred knew that his balls line was true and that it was long enought to reach the green since there was no large splash. Looking from the tee no one in the group was able to see where the ball had gone.

Vince Cimino was the first to look in the hole and that made it officially the 3rd hole in one in league play. There were some minor differences between Fred's ace and the one that John Himes had. We'll point that out later but in the meantime we should all congratulate Fred on this remarkable achievement.

Congratulations !

John's Story

Now that the excitement has passed let us look at the round results. John shot a 60 for 9 holes, with a hole in one. He carded 3 sevens, 3 eights, a nine, a five and a one. Yep that adds up to 60. Yep, that's 25 over the par of 35.

Instead of saving his hole in one ball, John hit it into the pond on the very next hole. John ended up with a 44 net, this tied for highest net score in the league that evening. Naturally that will make him a schmuck and he will be playing for schmuck points next week. He becomes the first and probably the only person to ever shot a league schmuck round with a hole in one. John also lost all four points.

But: John had a hole in one, and ....................................... You didn't

Unless you happen to be Fred Evans.

Fred's Story

Fred was having a very good round. First of all his partner, Derek Evans, was not there that day, meaning that he didn't have the team anchor with him holding him back. He reached the 17th hole 1 over par for the day after just having parred 13, 14 and 16 and birding 15. He was on a roll.

After the ace on 17 he went on to par 18 and finished 3 under for the last 6 holes. Finishing with a gross score of 35, 1 under par, he managed to finished with a net score of -9. If you know UNIX then you know that -9 is the fastest way to kill a process and in this case it was the fastest way possible to kill Fred's handicap, dropping it down 4 strokes overnight.

This was Fred's third hole in one and he was wise enough to stash the ball back into his golf bag. It will join the two others in a closet in Fred's home.