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This Weeks News

Preparations are under way for the 2024 season.  

It looks like w have quite a few golfers that either want to join or rejoin the league.  I suspect it has something to do with the incredible web page that we have.  We will likey grow back to 18 teams in 2024.

The greens are going to be aerated on the second of April, so our practice rounds will begin on the ninth (of April, not the 9th tee).   Practice makes perfect but in our case we will be more than happy to accept a slight improvement.

League Leaders

Jim Spiegle and Jodi Hornyak faced off against John Lutz and Ron Mangini (subbing for Ron Cohen) in a winner take all match for the 2023 championship.  Ron started poorly but John started well and it looked like it was going to be a tie with an extra hole playoff.  With 6 holes played Jim had a commanding lead over Ron and John was 2 holes up over Jodi.  Jodi rebounded to win both the 7th and 8th holes to tie in holes and that was enough to clinched the 2023 League championship.  Congratulations to both team for an excellent season!

Survivor Golf

Ron Cohen and John Lutz clinched the 2023 Survivor pool championship.  Congratulations!

Golfing With The Stars

Golfing with the stars is now officially over.   The 2023 championship was won by Chuck Callender who defeated Ron Strootman by 1 point and Pat Eves by 2 points.  Congratulations Chuck.

Congratulations to Paul May.  He didn't win golfing with the schmucks.  In true schmuck golf fashion Robyn Sadowski was unable to attend the loser take all schmuck golf playoff and claimed the title of 2023 Golfing With The Schmucks champions.  My condolences.

Secret Scorecard

The 9th hole was the final hole on the secret scorecard.  We had 1 par this week and one winner.  Derek Evans was the only golfer to par the hole and Steve Sadowski was the secret scorecard winer shooting a net 67.

Jodi took this picture of a very rare Pennsylvania Alligator on the fifth hole.  You can't really see the alligator very well because the big stupid bird thingy got in the way.

The team of Charlie Whittaker and Paul May have hit so many balls into the pond on the 17th hole that they have spent the last two years training two ducks to dive into the pond and retrieve their golf balls.    They even came in first in synchronized swimming and golf ball retrieving in this years summer olympics.

The picture on the right explains why Charlie and Paul will begin training a new team of ducks this week.

The new scarecrows that they installed to scare away the geese are very realistic and very frightening.