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This Weeks News

In week 4 we had 11 scorecards that were turned in that did not indicate who won points.  You can do better than that.

Speeding up play is something that you should always look to do.  We are slow.

League Leaders

It's early in the season but the team of Ron Strootman and Bill Kelly are out of the gates fast and Dave Goodman appears to be a point winning machine.

Survivor Golf

Steve and Robyn did it the old fashioned way.  They earned it!

Golfing With The Stars

Vince Cimino took the number 1 star position with a 30 net.   Bill Stewart and Ryan Brandt tied with 32 net making them stars in week 5.  Net under par rounds for John Lutz, Ralph Crescitelli, Jim Spiegle, Pete Siegfried and Dave Goodman but not enough to achieve stardom.

After awarding a ton of star points for week 3 we are only awarding 4 star points this week.  Stars Lou D'Agostino and Dennis Mahoney both missed their matches.  Star John Lutz split his match with Ryan Brandt so they were each awarded 2 star points.

It was a rough day on the front for troopers Paul May and Robyn Sadowski who both carded a 49 net.  Derek Evans snuck in there with a 46 net.

After schmucking it up in week 3 Ron Cohen rebounded in week 4 defeating Kim Moebus and gifting her with 4 schmuck points.  Schmuck Paul May lost his match to Dave Stratton earning 4 big schmuck warrior points.   Bill Freeman did the same sending Mike Harbison home with 4 schmuck points in his pocket.  Bill Stewart went from schmuck to star but only managed to win 3 points from Ralph Crescitelli.  Bill gets 1 schmuck point and Ralph gets 3.

Secret Scorecard

The secret scorecard hole for week 4 was hole number one.  The list of golfers with par or better follows.    .........................................

No New Pictures this week so I had to manufacture one.  I call this one "Snappy Dresser".  I had to play this guy last week and his outfit was quite a distraction.

The new scarecrows that they installed to scare away the geese are very realistic and very frightening.