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Weeks 9 News

Bryan McGinty is no longer listed as a sub.  This doesn't mean that we no longer have to put up with.  It just means that we have to put up with him for the rest of the season as Dave Goodman's partner.  This will negate Dave's ability to win 5 points a week and impact his ability to claim ownership of most points won.


Ron Strootman and Bill Kelly have been able to maintain their lead for the past four weeks.    Bob Heaney and Jim Biehl are tied with Derek Evans and Jake McGinty at 5 points back.  Jim O'Brien and Ralph Crescitelli fell to 6 points back.  

Survivor Golf

Despite the fact that the scorecard turned in for the match was near totally indecipherable we have determined that Kim and Ryan did manage to get their putts kicked of the island.  More on the scorecard later.

Golfing With The Stars

 The star's didn't shine in week nine.  Poetry at it's finest.   Star Chuck Callender lost his match to Ron Mangini.  Star Eric MacMinn lost his match to Ron Cohen.  Star Bill Freeman was the only star to win his match this week as he faced off with Paul May.

Stars for week 10 will be Martin Cassidy with a 28 net.  That's not a typo, Martin really did that.  Also clocking in as stars  were Mike Harbison with 32 net and Pat Eves Jr and Jake McGinty with 33 net.  

Our week 8 schmucks didn't take a single schmuck point in their week 9 matches.  That's the way to do it (unless you're playinbg me).  Schmuck Ralph Crescitelli defeated Vince Cimino and schmuck Pat Eves defeated Steve Sadowsky.  Schmuck Robyn Sadowsky defeated Charlie Eves.  Robyn went into the round facing schmuck points but it was Steve that got to take them home.

We needed schmucks for week 10.  The following golfers volunteered.  Paul May with 47 net, Ryan Brandt with a 46 net and Steve Nedzwecky with a 45 net.  Thanks guys.

Secret Scorecard

The secret scorecard hole for week 9 was the 18th.  The 11th hole was selected but that was already played.   I can save time reporting on this for week 9.  We must have been tired out when we got there.  No eagles, no birdies, no pars, no news to report.

And the winner for the best kept scorecard goes to ......

Bill Stewart took this picture of a member of the women's league that plays after us.

The new scarecrows that they installed to scare away the geese are very realistic and very frightening.