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Week 14 News

Week 12 was hot with a little downpour to cool things off.

Someone requested that they have a late tee time but I have no idea who it was.  If it was you contact me and I'll update the schedule.

New sub.  Bill Kouvolo can be reached through me until sub list is updated.


Jim Spiegle and Jody Hornyak have a 1 point lead, however, there are 9 teams within 9 points of the leaders.   It's going to get really competative as we go down the stretch.

Survivor Golf

Dave and Dennis were ubale to play which makes them unable to stay.

Golfing With The Stars

If your name is Pat Eves you picked up 4 star points last week.

Star Pat Eves Jr. picked up 4 points by shooting like a star and defeating Ron Cohen.  Conversely star Eric MacMinn struggled mightely and lost his match to Pat Eves who picked up 4 star points.  In news that is not Pat Eves related star Dave Goodman defeated John Himes for 4 points and star Bob Heaney was unable to make his match.

The stars for week 14 will be Lou D'Agostino with 33 net and Pat Eves Jr. and Ryan Brandt with 34 net.

At the other end of the spectrum Paul May lost his match picking up 4 schmuck points.  Ralph Crescitelli picked up 3 of his schmuck point losing 3 to 1 to Bill Kelly, who picked up the other 1.   Schmuck Steve Sadowski deated Chuck Callender 3 to 1 earning 1 schmuck point and giving the other 3 schmuck points to Chuck.   Bill Stewart picked up 4 by not being able to participate.

Secret Scorecard

The secret scorecard hole for week 13 was the 12th hole.  The hole was selected before the round by Ron Strootman. 

Only 3 pars and they were carded by Pat Eves Jr, Ryan Brandt and Derek Evans.

 Picture by Jodi.

The new scarecrows that they installed to scare away the geese are very realistic and very frightening.